Ko Olina Beach Villas AOAO Launches Housekeeping & Maintenance Services

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On the 28th of April official details were released about the services and pricing for a new housekeeping and maintenance initiative at the Beach Villas at Ko Olina, which launched on May 1. With the departure of Resort Management Company (RMC) from management and cleaning of Beach Villas there was a void to be filled and the Association stepped in to offer owners and managers alternative solutions.

Ko Olina Beach Villas Lobby

Aloha Ambassador Mr. Moon Kahele in the Lobby at the Ko Olina Beach Villas

Ko Olina Beach Villas Association Expands Service Offerings

This news did not come as a surprise, necessarily, as owners had been made aware in recent board meetings that the Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) was exploring the feasibility of offering these services to Beach Villas owners and managers.

It appears as though the short notice of RMC’s intention to cease operations effective May 1 served to accelerate the AOAO’s timline for offering up their cleaning and maintenance services. With RMC’s departure from Beach Villas vacation rental operations now appearing to have officially concluded, the Association’s housekeeping team is hopeful to pick-up some of the business.

Additional staff have been hired and are being trained and several former RMC housekeepers are expected to join the new AOAO housekeeping team, bringing with them hands-on experience that should prove useful in getting these cleaning services up and running quickly.

Check-out Housekeeping and Ongoing Maintenance Services

In an update sent out to Beach Villas owners by email in late April the Board shared an overview of the services that would be made available May 1 as well as the associated pricing for these services. Existing service providers will continue to operate and it does not appear as though any efforts are being made by the Association to remove or exclude any qualified cleaning or maintenance service personnel from doing business with other owners or managers.

Departure cleaning services will include linens, if desired, or the laundering of existing linens if owners already have their own sets of linens in place.

Maintenance services are offered on both a monthly and quarterly basis, with a list of approximately 20 things that would be checked and maintained for a fee. An important service for Beach Villas is the maintaining of the air conditioning systems as neglect can lead to problems which may be costly to repair.

Changing of A/C filters, checking drain lines and monitoring and maintaining condensation drain pans can help to prevent break-down of the system and should also enable the air conditioning units to work more efficiently.

How Can Owners and Managers Learn More?

The notices sent to Beach Villas owners by the association contained information about who to contact for more details about these services. You can contact Munro Murdock if you would like to know who to speak with about these services and he can share the correct information with you.


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