JW Marriott Ko Olina Closing for 2015

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The J.W. Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina Resort & Spa will be closing at the end of this year for renovations. It is rumored that the hotel will then become a Four  Seasons Luxury Hotel. The Marriott’s management agreement was set to expire at the end of the year, therefore, Ko Olina’s master developer, Jeff Stone, will be repurchasing the hotel.

So, the big question is…is this good news for Ko Olina? Well, we sure think so!

Munro was quoted in the Pacific Business Journal stating, “It’s an existing structure that they can work with and it’s pretty well-established. It has been there for so long, one of the first things built in Ko Olina.”

For us, we think in the next year, while the Marriott is closed, many guests will be moving over to stay at The Beach Villas Resort.

Munro stated: “It’s going to push a lot of vacationers to the beach villas. It also brings more attention to Ko Olina. Disney has done a good job at that with Aulani, bringing people from all over the world to Ko Olina. Once developed, it will only enhance the area. People will finally start to see it as a fully-developed resort community.”

For all our past guests, this may mean fully booked villas, so if you are thinking about a Ko Olina vacation at one of our villas, get your dates secured now!