Property Management

Going above and beyond for our owner clients and our guests.

“This business is about so much more than just ‘getting the booking’ or ‘maximizing rates and occupancy’. It is more about creating memorable experiences for guests and owners in beautiful and meticulously cared for properties. THAT is what will keep people coming back for more, over and over and over again. I’m not as interested in the first booking as much as I am in ALL of the subsequent bookings the same guests will make in the next 20 years. I want them to have such a positive experience with their vacation rental accommodations that they will want to book ALL of their future accommodations with us.” – Munro Murdock (Team Lead)

We specialize in managing fully furnished resort properties that can be rented short term or for months at a time. This is a comprehensive management services designed to take care of as much as we can on behalf of the owner so that they do not need to worry about doing anything for their Hawaii investment property. We receive a management fee for each rental booking that we secure so we do not get paid until we generate results and rental income for our owner clients.

We utilize a wide variety of systems, processes, sites and marketing platforms to successfully market and book our properties. We also invest considerable time and resources into keeping abreast of the latest technologies and innovations that may be able to improve the services we offer or the guest experience or the owner’s bottom line, or all of the above. We are committed to continuous improvement, learning and growth and are never satisfied with mediocrity or the status quo. Put simply we want to be the best. Not the biggest, just the best.

We also offer estate management services to clients that do not wish to rent, but who would like their property to be consistently visited and checked to ensure that all is well and that there are no serious issues requiring immediate attention. This service is available for a nominal monthly fee and provides our owner clients with the peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of for them while they are away. In the event that any issues do arise, then we are in a position to help coordinate addressing the issue and/or bringing in the right people to get the job done correctly.

Contact Munro Murdock to learn more about the various management services available and to discuss the potential for your property.